Data Uploads for PARCC Accommodations

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An important component of assessments in recent years has been test accommodations based on individual student needs. These accommodations are often based on IEP/504 plan requirements. The 2014 PARCC field test will provide some accommodations for students. Recently, there have been some questions about how to upload student data appropriately to provide details about student needs so that accommodations can be met during the field test.

Burlington Public Schools Director of Student Information – Josh Murphy – has been reviewing two important PARCC documents. The Student Data Upload (SDU) Field Definitions and the Accessibility Features and Accommodations for Field Test.  Josh found that while some accommodations will be available to all students, due to the fact that the assessment is now digital, other accommodations will only be available if they are “marked” on the student data upload file.

Josh recently asked the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for clarification regarding which accommodation fields on the data upload are related to an accommodation that is provided by the test environment and must be included in the data upload to be available. We think that the response could provide some important information for field test coordinators:

We intentionally DID NOT include all of the accommodation in the upload. You still must provide the accommodations listed in the students IEP/504, even if accommodations are not “marked.” (One important exception: ELA graphic organizers and math reference sheets are NOT permitted on PARCC for ANY students). We are simply trying to gather information on how students perform who receive certain accommodations.

Click here to review a PARCC document that provides more information about accessibility features and accommodations available for the field test.


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