Infrastructure Trial Readiness Guide

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PARCC has released an important document with information about testing your technology infrastructure prior to full live field testing. The document also provides details about the proctor caching software set up. This could be helpful for schools that plan on using the proctor caching for the field test. Revere Public Schools will complete an extensive field test using proctor caching. This option may also prove to be very helpful for schools and districts with lower bandwidth that need to rely less on streaming data.

What is an Infrastructure Trial?

An Infrastructure Trial is an opportunity for LEAs, schools, and students to prepare for the computer‐based PARCC Field Test by simulating test‐day network utilization to determine any school or LEA issues and confirm all testing devices for PARCC testing can run the appropriate software. The Infrastructure Trial also provides an opportunity to introduce students to the online testing interface. Unlike a live assessment, you will not use real student information; instead sample students are created in the PearsonAccess Testing Site. Student responses are neither captured nor saved when they interact with the Sample Items and Tutorial that are part of the Infrastructure Trial process. Sample items are used and not secure.

This is a dress rehearsal for confirmation that:

  • TestNav is configured correctly
  • Devices can successfully run TestNav
  • Network will bear the full load
  • Participating staff know what to do for PARCC computer‐based assessment
  • Students are familiar with the computer‐based tools and format

Another interesting section of the document describes testing that involve Chromebooks and iPads. Burlington Public Schools will be using a combination of PCs, Macs, iPads, and Chromebooks during the field test.

A note about Chromebooks and iPads:

SystemCheck cannot be launched on iPads and Chromebooks. Also, iPad‐mini devices are not supported devices. If you plan to use Chromebooks or iPads for the Field Test administration; you will need to download a device‐specific TestNav application to run PARCC assessments that will be available through the Google Play store or Apple iTunes store in late February. Prior to that release, Chromebook and iPad users can conduct Infrastructure Trials through web browser access to TestNav, however this method will not simulate the secure lock‐down mode that student will experience using the TestNav app. As a result, if you conduct a trial prior to the app release it is highly recommended that a second trial be conducted using the secure TestNav app once it is available.


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