PARCC Field Test – Participating Schools

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The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provided a press release today listing the participating schools for the 2014 PARCC Field Test. The list contains school and assessment information detailing whether a school is completing the field test online or with paper.

From the press release:

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced today the list of public schools where students in grades 3-11 will try out a new computer-based assessment system that has the potential to deliver clearer signals to schools, colleges, employers, and parents about what students know and can do and whether they are on the pathway to success after high school. State education leaders will use evidence from a two-year try out to determine whether the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC, can better serve the Commonwealth’s goal of ensuring that all students have the academic preparation necessary to successfully pursue higher education, careers, and citizenship.

The release also provides details about the number of students participating in the field test and how results will be utilized:

Beginning in March, approximately 81,000 students – or about 8 percent of the state’s total public school enrollment – will take a PARCC field test in English language arts or mathematics. A field test allows students to try out a new test before it counts and helps policymakers determine the fairness, validity, and accuracy of test questions. Since September, the Department has worked with participating schools to choose a representative sample of students from a few classes at each school to take the field test. No participating student will receive a score or grade based on her or his performance.

Burlington Public Schools and Revere Public Schools will be actively participating in the field test. Each district will be providing extensive details about their experiences before, during, and after the field test. Please consider joining the conversation on this site about your own experiences at your school or district if you are also participating this year.

Click here to read the entire 2014 PARCC Field Test Press Release

Full list of districts and schools participating in the Spring 2014 PARCC Field Test as of 2/6/2014


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