Important Update: Proctor Caching

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Thank you to Jonathan Ferrara – IT Manager from Revere Public Schools – for the important update below regarding proctor caching for the PARCC Field Test:

I was under the misconception that if a proctor caching server existed on your network, and was configured in your district portal at, the test content would cache when the data became available.  After reading the weekly technology update that came out 3/21, it appears that that is not the case.  The download of the test content must be initiated.  The only downside of Pearson’s process is that the download of test content to the caching server must be initiated per test session.  If you have 200 test sessions, you must complete this process 200 times.  I hope they rethink this with a ‘download all content’ button.

From the Weekly Tech Update

Once content is available, schools will be able to cache test content by logging into PearsonAccess ( > Test Management > Manage Test Sessions > Select a Test Session > Proctor Cache the content, for each test.

I have tested this and it is working in my environment in Revere.

Weekly PARCC Technology Update (3/2014 V2)

Jon Ferrara
IT Manager
Revere Public Schools


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