Scheduling Test Sessions

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Creating the schedule of test sessions for the PARCC assessment requires planning and flexibility. Schools will certainly be affected by the test sessions being completed each day during the PARCC testing window. Massachusetts schools have had similar scheduling needs during MCAS testing days. School administrators realize that some parts of the day require more attention. For example, we obviously can’t remove lunch and recess from the school day to accommodate our testing schedules. Building a testing schedule that limits interupptions to instructional time is paramount.

Burlington Public Schools is testing almost 2200 students for the Performance Based Assessment and End of Year assessment. Our test sessions and schedule reflect our attempt to provide a look at testing on different devices – iPads, Chromebooks, and desktop computers. In future years, Burlington will likely test students using only their 1:1 iPad devices. This will require less testing days and cause less interruption to instructional time.

Please review our PBA and EOY schedules linked below to see how our sessions were scheduled for this year. We hope that other districts can learn from our scheduling and plan on test sessions accordingly depending on their number of students and devices. Our schedule provides a look at how testing can interrupt instructional time. This becomes a major factor when devices are limited – even more so when schools only have a computer lab as a testing option.

Burlington Public Schools PBA PARCC Schedule

Burlington Public Schools EOY PARCC Schedule



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