Educator Questions


The following are some initial questions for educators that our Massachusetts PARCC Trial will attempt to answer.


Proctoring the Assessment

– What are the prerequisite skills needed to proctor the assessment?

– Where was your focus during the test? More on monitoring students and test security or more on the technology troubleshooting, etc? In other words, did the technology hinder your ability to monitor students?

– How do monitoring responsibilities differ with on-line testing (PARCC) compared to paper/pencils testing (MCAS)?

– How many times did you have to re-activate students (assessment lost connection)?

– Having completed a test administration, what would you add to the proctor manual/training guides?

Student Progress and Interaction

– Did students find the interface easy to navigate?

– Did students appear to take the adequate time to consider questions before answering?

– What was the apparent emotional level / anxiety level of the students while taking the test?

– What was the preferred environment for test taking?

– How much assistance did students need to get started on the assessment?

– How much individual assistance did students need while they were taking the assessment?

– How would you describe the students overall experience with the test?

Educational Practice

– How would you change your practice to better prepare students for this assessment?

– What embedded instructional practices would you consider to have a beneficial impact on students taking this test?

– Do you feel that students getting bumped out of the assessment may have hindered performance? 

– Did students taking the assessment seem to be check their work and navigate back to previous questions in the same way that they would be if they were taking a paper and pencil assessment?

Professional Development

– How would you describe your professional development in helping kids prepare to take the test?

– How would you characterize your professional development for proctoring the test?

– After seeing released test items, are there instructional strategies that you think are most beneficial?


One thought on “Educator Questions

    Peter J. Cushing said:
    February 7, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    Does anyone have a presentation for parents that can be edited? Everything I have found is in PDF format.

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