Student Questions


The following are some initial questions for students that our Massachusetts PARCC Trial will attempt to answer.


Devices and Navigation of the Assessment

– Do you think you could have taken this test without a keyboard (for iPad and tablet assessment)?

– Do you usually use an external keyboard?

– Did you have any difficulty answering questions because you were using a keyboard?

– Did you have any difficulty navigating the assessment?

– Did you have any difficulties reading and scrolling in the assessment?

– What specific features/functionalities of the PARCC assessment may be easier to complete using a keyboard and/or mouse (e.g. highlighting portions of paragraphs, equation editors, etc.)?

– What would you change about the device or testing environment to make taking the assessment better for you?

Time Management

– Do you feel that the amount of time was: just right, not enough, or too much?

– Did you have sufficient time to complete the test?

– Were you able to finish the test?

– Did you go back to review your answers before finalizing the assessment?

– Did you flag any questions? Why did you flag these questions?

 Subject Matter Knowledge

– Was there subject matter on the assessment that was not covered in your classes?

– What advice would you give your classmates about how to prepare for PARCC assessments?

– What should your teacher do next year to help you better prepare for PARCC assessments?

General Questions

– Did you have any trouble answering the questions?

– Did you have a way to access help if you had a problem during the assessment?

– How does this test compare to the MCAS?

– How was this assessment different from tests that you have taken on a computer in the past?


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